Monday, May 8, 2017

Social Issue ~ Bullying

     The social issue that I chose to write about is bullying. I chose bullying because bullying is something that has impacted me and our school. Bullying is very serious and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Bullying can lead to suicide and jail time for the bully in that case. Bullying happens every day and it can also affect your grades. You may want to skip school because of bullying. Bullying is a awful thing and needs to be dealt with.

     Bullying isn't only happening physically. Bullying can happen online, also known as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying can happen through texting social media and hacking. The cyber-bully may send you texts like, "Go kill yourself" or "Nobody wants you here". If that happens, it needs to be reported immediately. Same goes for physical bullying. If you do get texts like these, don't text anything back.

     Bullying and cyber-bullying are very serious matters. You can tell if someone is being bullied if they don't talk as much, look sad, or don't answer or talk in class. If you do know someone that is bullied or is bullying, tell a principal, parent, or teacher as soon as possible. Don't wait before someone decides to do something like suicide.

The question of the day is what would you do if you saw someone being bullied?

Friday, April 28, 2017

Life Update

     To start off my personal update I want to talk about my trip to Illinois. I found out I was going to Illinois on Thursday after school. I went over to my house to pack clothes for the next day. I packed enough clothes for the six days I was going to be there in just Thirty minutes. I noticed something strange while I was there. The glass cabinet was broken! It was going to be a gift for my Grandma.

     On Friday I got up at 5:30 a.m. to go to Illinois. I was the only one who packed so my Grandma and Uncle Jeremy had to pack. We left at about 6:25 a.m. for Illinois. We stopped at Summit to get gas and some breakfast for the Twelve hour drive. We stopped at a gas station in Iowa to get gas again because we only had one gallon left. We also got a drink at the gas station. It was a long drive to Illinois!

     Once I got to Illinois we went to my Uncle Jeremy´s friend´s house to drop him off. My Grandma and I went to my Uncle Dan´s house to settle down. My Uncle Dan also lives with my Aunt Courtney and my Cousin Lucas. He made some Dinner and we went to bed. The next morning, Saturday, we ate breakfast and went to a plant shop to get some soil. We needed soil for my Uncle Dan´s garden. We got 250 pounds of soil, but it was not enough! We had to get a lot more soil. He is planting Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and some different flowers.

     On Sunday we went to meet my Great Uncle Jacob. He lived about Twenty miles away from my Uncle Dan´s house. We grilled some hot dogs and hamburgers. After we visited for a bit, it was time to go home. When we got to my Uncle Dan´s house my cousin, Lucas, wanted to go to a friend´s house. After that we settled down to watch a movie. We watched the movie Why Him? Then it was off to bed.

     There is not much to talk about for Monday, so let´s talk about Tuesday. Tuesday was my Uncle Dan´s Birthday. He turned Twenty-nine. We (I) made him a Carrot Cake. We (I) frosted it. Then we (we) ate a slice. We also fed his pet snake. The snake´s name is Nagini. We fed her a dead mouse. R.I.P. little mouse.

     After we left on Wednesday morning, we got home to see what happened to Barry, my dog. Barry was attacked by an animal. His eye is infected. My Grandma is going to take him to the Vet today to see what we can do to fix it. He are really sad that this happened to him. My other dog, Boots, is not so sorry. He loves to Mother him.

     Yesterday we found out that my Grandpa has Lung Cancer. He is going to Sioux Falls to have surgery. I hope that it does not spread until then. I suppose the cancer is from smoking. All this is so much to handle right now. I am surprised that I have not burst into tears during school.

The question of the day is if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Thursday, March 16, 2017

I'm Sick *Cough* *Cough*

     I am sick, unfortunately. My sister, Grace, was the first one to get sick. Then my other sister, Alayna, my Mom, and my Grandma got sick. I was the last one to get sick. I barely ever get sick, but when I do, it's really bad. I think I had Influenza A, but I might have had Strep, like Grace. I did go to school on Tuesday because I hate being away from school, which is surprising. I missed Monday and Wednesday this week because there is no school on Thursday or Friday for Spring Break. I hope to be back in school, not sick, by next Monday.

The question of the day is have you been sick this year, if so, with what?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Books I am Reading/Have Read.

     The books that I am reading are The Start of Me and You and Savvy. I really like these books. First, I will talk about The Start of Me and You. This book is about a girl who's boyfriend drowned and she doesn't want to swim. She is starting her Juniors year in school and has a new crush, Ryan Chase. That is all I have learned from this book, so far. Next is Savvy. Savvy is about a girl about to turn 13, and get her savvy. A savvy is like a power. Her father was in an accident right before her birthday. That's as far as I got for Savvy.

     The books that I have read are: CrenshawRulesDeep Down Popular, The One and Only IvanTeen IdolPage by PaigeDork Diaries: Tales From A Not So Friendly Frenemy, Girl StolenOrbiting JupiterLevel UpAnya's GhostJacky Ha-Ha, Sisters, Drama, SmileThe Fault In Our StarsAthena The BrainAphrodite The Beauty.

The question of the day is what is your favorite book?

Dog Update!!!

     A little while ago I did a dog update. So I want to update about Boots and Berry. First I will talk about Boots. Boots is a really big dog and he is still torturing me a lot. He loves it, so I don't mind. He is still getting out a lot. He usually gets out when we come home from school and open the door. He stays outside for a long time. We have to wipe off his paws when he comes inside.

     Now to talk about Berry. He loves to run with Boots and likes to visit me. You could be thinking "Doesn't he live with you?" Yes, he does. He likes to visit me in my room. He comes into my room and lays on my bed. Usually after he came inside, so my bed gets muddy and he is panting. This morning, as I was getting ready for school, he came in and his breathing sounded weird. I went to look at him and then he was perfectly fine. That's odd.

The question of the day is what kind of pets do you have,
 and if you don't have one, what kind do you want?

Friday, March 3, 2017

Why do we get deppresed?

     The question a lot of people ask is "why do people get depressed?" Well its all because of our genes. Our genes are characteristics from our parents that passes to us when we are born. Even if your family has no history of getting depressed, you could be the first to get depressed. When we get depressed its because something may have happened like your pet passed away or you are getting bullied in school. There are still other factors of why people get depressed.

     The other factor that I will be talking about is stress, heath, and hormones. If you aren't getting enough sleep, then you could get cranky or even depressed. You could not be getting enough exercise or be doing things you aren't used to. It could be by doing a really active thing, then not doing anything for a long period of time. My mom has been having some back issues lately. It was because she was staying in bed after working about ten hours. It made her depressed even more because her significant other was in Texas for work.

The question of the day is how often do you get depressed and why?
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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Why I Like Blogging so Much

     The reason of why I blog so much is because I feel I can say any thing to everyone who reads this. Its like my best friend. I don't really like to talk to people in my grade and some people even bully me, so I just come and blog. Blogging makes me feel better. I don't know what I would have done if we weren't assigned blogs. I would have probably broken down in school. I just need someone who I can trust and will always be there for me.

     Speaking of a true friend, I once had a very good friend. She was three years older than me. We did everything together. We would always see each other on the weekends and she was so nice. One day she stopped talking to me. I figured "Hey, she will talk to me after school." Unfortunately she didn't. So now when she passes me in the hall she just looks down and passes me. I have found a new friend that will hopefully be a good friend to me. I know that high school can break the best of friendships. I am very close to going to high school and I don't really want to because I am afraid our friendship may break.

The question of the day is who are your best friends?